Why Real Photographers NEED To Keep Buying New Gear

Outside of photography, I don’t know of any other profession where professionals obsess as much about their tools as we do. Let me pause just a second so that you can make your own joke.
It is not logical to replace an excellent lens with a better one if the original lens was already outstanding. Most likely, your clients won’t even notice that you have used a GM or L lens. Why bother?

You can take the emotion out shopping for your gear and you will likely end up with professional quality zooms that have a long focal length. They’ll last years and be flexible. This is boring.

Sorry zoomers, it’s true.

Our reliable and sturdy lenses are often the reason our clients don’t hire us. They need our creativity and our inspiration to capture something new.

What gets in the way? Boredom.

You won’t be having fun if you just stand there doing the same boring things with the same gear. You will see it in your attitude and in the photos later.

Photographers who are great at taking photos are passionate. They are creative and always look for something new every time they go outside.

What makes us the most excited? New gear!

There you have it.

This article will help you explain to your partner why you had to replace an entirely functional piece of equipment with one that costs twice as much. While it won’t make you happy, they will know that they sacrificed a family vacation for a good cause.