This Official Canon Teddy Bear Comes with Its Own DSLR

Many parents want their children to be passionate about photography at an early age. This official Canon teddy bear is the perfect gift for any Canon shooter.
The Collectible Canon Bear With Miniature Canon 5D Mark IV Model Camera is available through Canon USA’s online store. It features incredible detail for a bear toy.

This soft brown plush bear measures 6.3×4.7×8 inches and comes with a red hat, red shirt and a tan photography vest to help you capture the beauty of the outdoors.

A replica Canon 5D Mark IV is mounted around the bear’s neck on a Canon EOS camera strap. Also, a removable Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L zoom lens is attached to the back.

Canon's teddy bear and a Canon DSLR kit

Canon states in its listing that “[T]his stuffed animals make an adorable collectible piece for photographers.” “[T]ruly is a small match for the new photographer.”

It is interesting that, despite this adorable teddy bear looking great for kids, the Canon store says that it is not intended for children under 14 years old. This could be due to legal liability — or perhaps because it contains parts that can cause choke-in in 13-year-olds.

Canon's official camera bear

You can also get a Teddy Bear with no camera for half the price

Canon has a long history of making stuffed teddy bears. The company offered collectible teddy bears of different designs at its annual fundraisers, which it held in conjunction with the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Canon had previously made stuffed animals that included polar bears and koala “bears”, as well as the traditional brown teddy bear. These bears were a limited edition and not available to the general public. They were also discontinued several years ago. This makes them very rare for collectors.

Two official Canon stuffed animals

Canon’s new teddy bear, while more complex than the ones in the past (previous bears didn’t come with a miniature camera), is still not known how many Canon has made or how long they will be around.

A closeup of a Canon stuffed polar bear

Canon’s official Teddy Bear is available for purchase at $60. Visit the Canon online shop. The $30 camera-free bear is available for purchase at the Canon online store.