These are the coolest cities in the world, according to Time Out

Time Out, a magazine focusing on culture and entertainment, has ranked the coolest cities in the world based on feedback from almost 30,000 urban dwellers around the globe.

After nearly two years of intermittent lockdowns this year, the judges considered a few more factors. These factors included sustainability, green space access and community projects.

“We wanted cities that thought about the future, not just the present. They make life easier for us and our grandkids.”The publication stated this..

These are the top 10

10. Tokyo, Japan


The city has made significant investments in new attractions and venues for both locals and tourists over the last 18 months. The newest trend is the ‘designer toilets’, which are state-of-the art bathrooms that look like art installations.

9. Porto, Portugal

Porto is the prettiest city in which to lock yourself up.

It was a great place to get some exercise and Porto’s famed graffiti artists were busy on the quiet streets. The city was pedestrianized in large parts. More cycling infrastructure was built, and community gardens were created to provide residents with some outdoor space.


8. Tel Aviv, Israel

Time Out’s research shows that spaces such as Park HaMesila and Dizengoff Square were used for gigs, screenings, talks, and picnics while indoor spaces remained closed.

Tel Aviv’s fully-open status means that there are many vegan restaurants and a lively nightlife scene.


7. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one the most walkable cities on the planet, making it one of the most liveable. Anyone who walks on the streets of Prague is sure to be a visual delight.

It’s also known as the “Golden City”, and is home to many tourist hotspots, including Old Town Square and Charles Bridge. Residents of Prague 6 have access to a variety of outdoor activities year round, making lockdown much more bearable.


6. Montreal, Canada

Montreal and Canada are known for their friendly people, who came together during the worst of the pandemic with a tremendous show of community spirit.

JP Karwacki, a Montreal resident and Time Out journalist, was asked what the city could learn from Montreal. He said that he wanted to see other cities embrace innovative green projects like plans to ban single use plastics and transform downtown boulevards to urban forests.


5. New York, USA

Open Restaurants is still in operation in the city. This scheme saw streets transformed into social hubs and an effective vaccination program encouraging people to get vaccinated.


4, Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark is known for being one of the most happy countries in the world. It is a place where you can feel positive because of its high quality of living and green initiatives.

The poll found that 66% of Copenhageners considered their home’relaxing.


3. Manchester, UK

This year, the UK’s second-largest city was ranked higher than the capital for its vibrant culture and community spirit.

During the pandemic small businesses such as Result CIC provided free mental health support for frontline workers, and the Eagle and Child pub offered 4,500 meals to the most vulnerable.

It was voted the best for ‘nightlife’ (creativity), ‘community spirit’ (friendliness), and ‘getting know your neighbors’.


2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, a city that is renowned for its unique culture and vibrant social life, was badly affected by lockdown. The Time Out study shows that the time spent was wise.

According to the results, Amsterdam is “focusing inwards upon its famed beauty, history, and community spirit – while vowing not to allow the coffeeshops and brothels that have so blighted its historic center.”


1. San Francisco, US

The SF New Deal was created to aid those in need. It allowed the city’s chefs and cooks to prepare meals for the most vulnerable. San Francisco’s many parks provided a peaceful, green environment for those who were unable to go outside. The year-round pleasant weather also helped to keep spirits high.