Skyfish Drones Use Sony Cameras to Precisely 3D Model Large Structures

Skyfish, an autonomous drone manufacturer, has announced a technical integration with Sony’s Alpha Series mirrorless cameras. The company claims that this will allow for “high-quality data capture and drone enabled web-based photogrammetry.”

What is Photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry is the science that combines photography with proprietary algorithms and precise metadata to create 3D models of large infrastructures. Skyfish, originally reported by Yahoo Finance now uses mirrorless systems from Sony to collect extremely precise data to create digital 3D models that can be used for inspection, measurement, and analysis of the physical features of almost any structure. It has an accuracy rating of 1/32 of an inch.

Skyfish’s technological leap is quite remarkable and opens up the possibility of other use cases, such as augmented reality or virtual reality.

Skyfish 3d scan of a Damaged Cell Tower

The company uses these images in the demonstration (above) to create a large precision 3D model of a cell tower for inspection. The team used a Sony Alpha camera and its drone to take approximately 1,200 42-megapixel photos from various angles and perspectives. Skyfish tools automatically generated results without any manual editing or measurements.

“The photos were sent in, the data was triangulated and you see what you get at the other end. The company claims that no hands-on processing was required and the process can be repeated even for tall structures such as cell towers.

Workspace Grounds with Area Measurements captured by SKyfish Automated Drone

The software has a number of measurement tools that users can use. Users can click one button and it will draw a line horizontally to the ground and give an exact measurement. There are options to switch between imperial and metric units.

Engineers can measure nearby structures, gates, and doors to ensure that openings are large enough for machinery and equipment to pass through. Skyfish can export the measurements to a DXF file that can be used in various CAD programs to perform engineering analysis.

Skyfish Drone with Sony Alpha Camera attached

John Monti, Director Industrial Camera Solutions at Sony Electronics Inc., stated that the Skyfish photogrammetry platform is now the industry-tested standard for 3D modeling and inspection of critical infrastructure.