Safes as a Design Object: Discover WOLF Technologies and Materials

Your most important items are where do you store them? They are often scattered around the house in boxes and drawers, making it difficult to find them when needed. Or they may be out in plain view, where they could be easily accessed by an intruder. It is worth looking into storage options that will keep these items safe and secure, even if they aren’t particularly valuable.

A utilitarian safe hidden in the bedroom of someone who wants beautiful things is not something they want. Many interior designers and homeowners have turned to WOLF for safes and secure storage options. The family-owned British heritage brand is based in California. It has been making handcrafted jewellery boxes and watches boxes for more than 185 years.

WOLF has been manufacturing premium storage solutions such as safes, jewellery boxes, cases and watch winders since 1834. Image Courtesy of WOLF

WOLF’s philosophy centers on the belief it is logical to store and protect your possessions in a high quality box. The brand’s current slogan, “Protecting Legacy”, was inspired by this vision. It means that items will be stored so that they can be passed on to future generations. While some safes and winders WOLF makes are more expensive than what most people will spend on jewellery, there are still affordable options available for those who simply need a box to store a treasured souvenir or gift.

All of WOLF’s safes and storage products are made from high-quality materials and finished with details that complement luxury interiors. Image Courtesy of WOLF

Today, founder Philip Wolf I’s great-great-grandson, Simon Wolf, is in charge of overseeing the development of storage solutions that aim to match the elegance of their contents. The brand’s commitment to luxury and craftsmanship can be seen in its Churchill bespoke safe line, which can be ordered in many materials and finishes to suit the individual taste. WOLF has developed two versions: a Macassar wooden case that houses a safe in black pebble-grained Leather and a Country Club-inspired safe in Cognac-hued Leather with panelled detailing. Nine bi-directional steel bolts are controlled by electronic keypads to ensure security.

The core range of safes from WOLF, the Atlas Collection, features a pared-back design and handcrafted parts that add to its premium appearance. To protect contents from fire and burglary, the safes are made of heavy-duty steel. They are heated to 927oC to test their fire resistance. To ensure that they are resistant to severe impacts, they are also dropped from 10m. Externally, the steel is given a titanium or onyx treatment that is enhanced by chrome details. They can also be ordered with internal storage drawers and watch winders that can be controlled by Bluetooth via a special app.

Jewellery can tarnish over time if left exposed to air, so WOLF’s jewellery rolls, zip cases and boxes feature its patented LusterLoc treated lining to protect their contents for up to 35 years. Image Courtesy of WOLF

High-end watches can be expensive so it is important to properly store them. Watch winders mimic the movement of the wrist to activate the self-winding mechanism. They also ensure that the watch does not lose time when it isn’t in use. While most winders only estimate how many rotations are needed each day, WOLF’s devices can be adjusted to achieve the best number of turns for each timepiece.

The company invests in technologies that will help preserve jewellery and watches in mint condition. The patented LusterLoc(tm), which neutralizes the effects of air contact on jewellery and protects it for up to 35-years, is a notable innovation. This fabric lining is used in all safes, boxes, and jewellery cases by WOLF, even the more affordable Maria travel range. It helps to keep silver and gold glittering longer. WOLF is a leader in its field thanks to its innovative technologies and beautiful design.