Pagani C10 will be revealed

Official image shows silhouette of the third V12 hypercar from an Italian company

A sketch of the car’s silhouette was also shown by the firm, which revealed a similar design to the C10’s early leaks. It features a swooping, teardrop-shaped design.

After a prototype was spotted on the road, the darkened side profile photo was taken.

Although it is heavily camouflaged, its design seems to reveal elements that were also seen in an alleged January leaked rendering of C10.

This styling combines elements from previous Pagani designs. The Huayra’s wide front grille, swooping bodywork and teardrop cabin shape are reminiscent of the Zonda. Particularly, the angular front bonnet recalls some of the earliest Pagani models such as the C12 S.

The leaked rendering shows the two small rear wings, also a nod to the Pagani Zondas of old. They appear to have been covered up with the exit holes cut into the rear camouflage.

Pagani’s distinctive centrally mounted four exit exhaust – which has been on every model of the company’s cars – is also a feature. We are certain that the car will have an internal combustion engine.

The test mule seems to be departing from Pagani’s traditional vertically divided headlights with Perspex covers – a style that the company used previously on unique Zondas such as the JC or LM one-offs – but these are most likely camouflage features since the leaked rendering shows the car without separated lights.

Aerodynamic aids include small winglets located in the front grille, ahead of the large radiators. Subtle but significant air intakes are found on the roof and along the rear buttresses.

We also have our first glimpse at the rear of this car thanks to spy photos. Although the overall design is similar to that of the Huayra’s, it has a pair rear lights with stacked lamps that look more like the Zonda F’s.

Also, the firm seems to have removed the Huayra’s Gullwing Doors. The C10’s doors will be using regular hinges, as indicated by the barely visible shutline that is behind the window. You can see the skylights in the rendering through the camoflauge. However, they are only faintly visible.

The original rendering of the C10 was found on an anonymous Instagram account in the beginning of 2018. It was accompanied by a photograph of a document that was allegedly targeted to potential buyers. This suggests that the leaked image may have been taken from an earlier customer presentation. Although the original images have been removed, they were widely distributed online.

According to rumours, the C10 will use Mercedes-AMG’s new 6.0-litre twin-turbocharged V12. The C10 will offer buyers the choice of a manual or dual-clutch auto with paddle shifters.

Pagani will be focusing more on handling than on power when it comes to the C10. Interview with Quattroruote magazine in Italy. Horacio Pagani, founder and boss of the company, stated that they have put more effort into weight reduction than any other aspect.

Pagani plans to make 300 C10s, which will include coupe and roadster versions as well as special models.

According to the Italian company, American customers could have purchased the entire production run.

The C10 will be the last Pagani that is pure-combustion, with future models being hybridized. It will be revealed in the latter part of this year.