New Touring Superleggera Arese RH95 on show in UK

Touring Arese RH95 4 1

Italian coachbuilder builds 710bhp supercar with mid-engine to celebrate its 95th anniversary

Touring Superleggera, an Italian coachbuilder, has celebrated its 95th year with the striking Arese RH95 supercar, which is a mid-engined carbonfibre body with a Ferrari V8 engine producing 710bhp.

The Turin company’s first mid-engined vehicle is the Arese, following in the footsteps last year’s Ferrari F12-based Aero 3. This week, it made its debut at London’s Salon Prive exhibition.

The carbonfibre-bodied Arese, which has a unique design, is set apart from the Ferrari F8 Tributo, with which it shares an engine. It is believed to be the next generation in Touring’s Aero lineage. This was revealed in 2012 with the Disco Volante.

Its distinctive features include a nostril-style front grille, a prominent aluminium section and scissor doors. A prominent (and functionally) dorsal style air intake behind it gives an indication of its performance potential.

Touring claims a time of 3.0sec from 0-62mph and a top speed close to the F8 Tributo. The Arese shares its F1 sevenspeed dual-clutch auto gearbox.

Touring states that the unidentified donor chassis was modified to fit the new body. Each car will be “thoroughly inspected and quality assured” before it is handed over to its owner.

The first example will be finished in Verde Pino, with a Cocoa and Caramel interior. Cars two and three will have Alfa Romeo-inspired red and white and Gulf Oil-esque orange and blue liveries.

The Touring Plans to Make Only 18 Areses. Buyers can also supply their own donor cars. Each one takes six months to complete and prices are available upon request.