Neuron e-scooter rentals top a million miles

Neuron Mobility achieved a significant milestone when its fleet of e-scooters covered 1 million miles in the UK, using schemes in Sunderland Slough and Newcastle.

The Singapore-based company recently confirmed that the escooter hiring periods in all three areas would continue at the most.

Neuron released a breakdown of e-scooter use by date. The company claims that 35% of e-scooters have replaced a vehicle trip. Neuron claims that this has resulted in 85 tonnes of CO2 savings.

Neuron data revealed that 55% of riders bought in a local establishment during their trip. According to the rental company, e-scooters have a positive impact on local economies.

The Neuron N3 escooter features a number of safety-based features. It has an app-controlled helmet that can lock to the escooter, and a 999 button that can alert riders if they are injured. A helmet selfie reward incentive rewards riders who upload a photo of themselves wearing the helmet.

Neuron claims that 30%, rather than the industry average of 20%, are escooter riders. The firm claims that the Neuron N3’s wider footboard provides more stability for female riders. Friends and family can follow the user’s journey with the “Follow my Ride” feature.

George Symes, UK Regional Manager for Neuron Mobility, stated that “we have learnt a lot during the first year of our operation in the UK.”

“We are very pleased with the community’s support and uptake for our e-scooters.”