Maserati Granturismo EV spotted undergoing winter tests

The all-electric Reborn super-GT will be available, but V6 and V8 petrol options will also be offered

Our spy photographers captured the Maserati Granturismo in winter testing on snow. We will reveal it later in the year.

The coupe will get an all-electric version as well as the rumoured V6 or V8 options. It was photographed sporting a distinctive livery that featured a line-skewing design as well as ‘Gran Turismo’ wording at a private European test track.

The Granturismo had been seen last year at a private test site in Italy. The quad exhausts at the rear indicated that it was a petrol-powered model.

Maserati released the official spy shots for the ICE model and they showed how Ferrari Roma’s design will subtly change.

Modena is still unsure of what lies beneath the bonnet. However, the Nettuno V6 as it was fitted to the MC20 supercar and the Ferrari-derived V8 used in the Quattroporte seem like likely options.

Granturismo will also follow the Ghibli & Levante’s lead and adopt a hybrid option. However, their mild-hybrid 2.0 litre four-cylinder petrol engine is unlikely to work well with it.

New images confirm that the Granturismo will keep the same sleek silhouette as its predecessor and its name. It appears to be very similar to the much-anticipated Alfieri concept, which was first revealed in 2016.

These pictures were taken after Maserati released a clip (below), in which it showed off the sound of its first electric motor, which will be fitted on the Granturismo.

Although technical details are not yet confirmed, the Granturismo electric version will be the fastest and most powerful in the Granturismo lineup.

Maserati claims that the EV’s engine will have a “distinctive sound”, which is already an attribute of all Maserati cars with traditional combustion engines. Although it is not clear how the firm will achieve this, it is unlikely that they will artificially reproduce the sound of their V6 and V8 engines.

Testing is being done at private facilities as well as on roads nearby. This means that camouflaged prototypes can soon be seen in the public. This will give more insight into what to expect from the new car.

This announcement comes after Maserati confirmed in September that it will upgrade Turin’s production facility and launch a new wave of models. Also, recent unveilings of the Ghibli mild hybrids and Levante mild hybrids have been made.