Hyundai teases future hydrogen performance car

Hydrogen Wave event will unveil a new machine that could be refined and manufactured by the firm’s N performance department.

Hyundai will unveil plans for a number of hydrogen-based products next month. These include a new performance saloon.

According to the Korean company, its Hydrogen Wave online event will be held on September 7th. It will present plans for a future vision of a sustainable hydrogen society. Hyundai says that the forum will feature “State-ofthe-art future fuel cells electric vehicles” and other innovative applications.

One video shows a hydrogen-powered Hyundai saloon disguised on a race track. The caption reads “Hydrogen it’s full speed toward a cleaner future”. Hyundai previously stated that its N performance brand would develop hydrogen fuel cell and battery electric vehicles. However, no further details were provided.

Although the car in the teaser videos looks similar to the US-only Veloster N it has a shorter length and a different design around its rear windows.

Other videos show new hydrogen products that can be used for public transport and freight. Teaser video on hydrogen for commercial vehicles shows vehicles with branding for HTWO Hyundai’s newly established sub-brand, which will help it develop its global fuel cell business.

The Hyundai Motor Group, along with Toyota, has invested heavily in hydrogen technology development for transport and other purposes. Hyundai claims it is developing “exciting plans for new hydrogen mobility technology, next generation fuel cell systems, and applications to diverse industries other than automotive.”

Hyundai has a long history in hydrogen fuel cell technology. This includes the Ioniq FCEV, Nexo FCV and ix35 vehicles.

As part of the event, various Hyundai affiliate companies will showcase products made using hydrogen technology from the firm.