Explore the world’s 9 weirdest AirBnbs for a true break from the ordinary

We are all keener than ever to see something different after seeing the same four walls throughout 2020.

According to Google, searches for “different types of AirBnb” have increased 400% in the last 12 months.

These are the weirdest AirBnbs in the world, ranging from bottled walls and former shipping containers.

Mexico: Drift away in a bubble

This glass bubble is located in Valle de Guadalupe in Mexico’s wine country. You can go glamping while taking in uninterrupted views of the night sky and possibly a bottle of wine. The Bubble Suite just one of many bubble buildings that you can use to float away.


Enjoy a great time in Hawaii

Treehouses are not just for children. This cabin is elevated at 4.5m. Dreamy Tropical House in Hawaii offers 360-degree views over a tropical jungle. It is the perfect spot for Janes and wannabe Tarzans, or for those who want to get away from the grid for a bit.


Mexico’s sea sounds are a delight to hear

These two huge seashells are not like other shells that you might find at a beach. The Seashell House is located on Isla Mujeres, Mexico in the Caribbean Sea. It was built by two beach-loving artists around the 1990s.

Legend has it that the shell was the key to winning a bet against neighbouring rivals who claimed to have the largest fish. The islanders laughed and said, “The largest fish?”

Copyright (c) 2005 Andre Nantel/Shutterstock

You can be the King of Ireland’s Castle

You can step back in time to live like a King at your medieval Castle, Galway. Cahercastle was built in late 1400s. It has been restored using both traditional materials and cutting-edge technologies to its original condition.

You can brush past the cobwebs as you climb the spiral staircases to reach your accommodations on the top two floors.


Finland is a great place to chill out

Although it is rebuilt each year, the snow igloo in Pelkosenniemi in Finland, although cold from the outside, is warm inside. It sleeps two people on its ice bed and has an apartment that can be shared with up to four others. If you’re looking for a real taste of nature, then wrap up warm and snuggle down in this cozy holiday home that’s right around the corner from Lapland.


Brazil: Bottle your dreams

This eco-residence in Florianopolis is Santa Catarina’s one-of-a kind hideaway features walls made of recycled bottles, stained-glass windows, and repurposed furnishings.

Cabana Floripa has 360-degree views from its bottle walls. This house is for those who are interested in art, recycling and nature.


Square in the Netherlands

The Iconic Cubehouse will make you feel like you are in modern art. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You’re located in the heart of Rotterdam, just steps away from the Old Harbor and the Markthal.


Your very own island

This tiny island is located in Belize, right in the middle a spectacular atoll. It’s a coral reef filled with marine life of all sizes and shapes.

You can snorkel, swim in the sand flats and fish at Bird Island. Or take a tour of the main Belize Reef (Silk Caye). The entire island is yours to explore. There are no staff members on the island making it the most private island in Belize.


You can curl up in a small former shipping container in Texas

This home was originally built from a shipping container measuring six meters in length. It has enough space to accommodate two people, and they can eat, sleep, and eat together. You can also enjoy the Texas night skies from the roof garden.


It is also easier to clean the Yellow Container House in Waco Texas, because of its small floorspace.