Ennead Architects Selected to Design the International Performance Center in Shenzhen

Ennead Architects were selected from a three-part international competition to design the new International Performance Center, Shenzhen. This project, dubbed The People’s Performing Arts Center will be part of a major cultural transformation that further cements Shenzhen’s status as a city destination and strengthens the city’s global arts community.

The center is located in the Futian District. It will house three new cultural buildings, the Shenzhen Reform & Opening-up Exhibition Hall, and the Shenzhen Finance Culture Center. This significant cultural masterplan will bring a community-driven element to one of the most important technology capitals in the world. The winning proposal blends creativity, technology and intricate design. It is connected to a new underground station and other public facilities by weaving seamlessly into the city fabric.

Courtesy of Ennead Architects

Two golden egg-shaped shells, resembling eggs, make up the project. They reflect Shenzhen’s urban past and present. The facades create an interactive layer that changes according to the weather and time of day. The building’s organic forms and the circulation within it resemble water moving in the bay.

Courtesy of Ennead Architects

Shenzhen is a city of incredible energy and rapid transformation. We wanted to design a symbol of Shenzhen’s vitality, which was celebratory and welcoming. The two ‘jewels’, both expressive of performance’ and reflective of civic life, were created for the city. Stephen P-D Chu AIA Principal at Ennead Architects.

The Center will have a full-height glass lobby that provides unobstructed views of the surrounding parks and cities. Two golden shells will house multilevel atriums, the Dream Theater as well as the Star Concert Hall. Along with various practice and rehearsal areas, the center will include shops and a variety other amenities, including a restaurant, an exhibition space, and a variety of public amenities.

Courtesy of Ennead Architects

Ennead Architects won an international competition to design a 32-floor commercial tower located in Shenzhen’s highly-tech Nanshan District. The studio of architecture wanted to create a platform that “embraces creativity and the sharing of ideas and experiences”. They designed a flexible environment that complemented the functional and spatial needs of Chinese tech company ByteDance. The tower will feature co-working spaces as well as commercial and recreational facilities. It is expected to be complete by 2024.