DJI Mini SE Drone: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Have you been thinking about adding a drone to your photography toolkit? As of today, that decision no longer requires you to consider a steep learning curve, a big price tag, or a heavy backpack. With the launch of the compact, powerful, and affordable Mini SE, DJI has managed to remove those considerations. The DJI Mini SE drone is an easy choice for beginners and creators who’ve been contemplating their first drone purchase.

The Mini SE combines the core features of the original DJI Mavic Mini with the upgraded body of the DJI Mini 2. It’s perfect for creators who’ve been waiting for the right time to purchase their first drone, since the DJI Mini SE is the most affordable version of any DJI drone that has been released.

Photo from DJI

DJI Mini SE Drone – Key Features

  • Weighs only 242 grams, with registration not required in some countries and regions
  • Can use any ordinary charger with a USB Type-C cable
  • Supports the QC fast-charging protocol and up to 29 W of input power
  • Is equipped with a vision sensor and GPS for precise hover capabilities
  • Is safe to fly, and comes with 360 degree propeller guards
  • Has a 12mp sensor for clear photos
  • Has a 3-axis stabilized gimbal offering smooth 2.7K quad HD footage
  • Offers convenient automated shot templates, allowing beginners to quickly share complex cinematic shots on social media
  • Features the DJI Fly app which lets you view live recordings and useful flight academy tutorials
  • Has a long lasting battery life with up to 30 min of flight time per battery
  • Uses the aircraft design of DJI Mini 2 and supports higher wind speed resistance of 8.5-10.5 m/s
Photo from DJI


The DJI Mini SE drone is the perfect travel companion for creators who are looking to make aerial photography and videography a ubiquitous part of their media portfolio. Weighing in at a mere 242 grams — slightly more than the average smartphone — the Mini SE offers a portable form factor that can easily fit into any camera bag. Packing a drone is now as effortless as packing a smartphone, allowing creators to take their Mini SE with them to more places than ever before. The size and portability of the Mini SE enables creators to capture moments they may have previously missed. Now, it’s easy and convenient to pack into any gear bag.

Photo from DJI

Ease of use

DJI has given the Mini SE a multitude of easy-to-use features. Those features include fast charging using a USB Type-C cable with any ordinary charger and a convenient app that is perfect for creators who may be buying their first drone. The DJI Fly app is simple with powerful features such as the pre-programmed shot templates called Quickshots. Beginners can easily create one of four complex cinematic Quickshots with a tap of a button. The available Quickshots are Dronie, Circle, Helix, and Rocket. The DJI Fly app also offers new drone pilots the ability to access DJI’s flight academy. These are helpful tutorials for beginners to learn the basics of operating their new drone.

Photo from DJI


The DJI Mini SE has several useful safety features. The included 360 degree propeller guards fully cover and protect the propellers. This will give new pilots added peace of mind when learning to fly their drone. In addition, the included GPS module and advanced optical sensors give the DJI Mini SE the ability to precisely hover in place. This is useful for beginners who may be learning to control the aircraft for the first time. Another excellent safety feature of the DJI Mini SE is the 30 minutes of rated flight time per battery. Having long lasting battery life allows first-time drone pilots ample time to fly, practice, and safely return to home.


With the launch of the Mini SE, DJI has made owning a drone more accessible than it has ever been before. Its $299 price tag makes it a compelling option for beginners and enthusiasts who’ve been considering their first drone purchase. Given its price, portability, ease of use, and excellent safety features, the DJI Mini SE is an unbeatable value for creators who want to pack a small and powerful drone everywhere they go.