Designing Hybrid Work and Living Spaces for Millennials

Dr. Steffi Burkhart is an expert on millennials. Dr. Steffi Burkhart has an in-depth understanding of millennials, and can give her an opinion based on extensive research about how they would like to live and work. Understanding millennials’ professional and personal goals and aspirations is important, given their age (commonly referred to as those born between 1980 and mid-90s) will soon be the dominant workforce. This information is crucial for cities, countries and companies that wish to attract and use the best millennial talent.

Burkhart believes that this requires a radical overhaul of the way we live and work. This thinking has been applied in her plans for Human & Technology Centred Ecosystem, a project in Cologne that will be a ‘hybrid platform to new work’.

BoConcept has been working with Burkhart on the development of millennial-minded micro-apartments. Image Courtesy of BoConcept

HTCE is basically a tech-enabled space – think sensors and artificial intelligence, and augmented reality. It’s a professional campus that allows companies to test new products and technologies, as well as develop new working practices and cultures. It also serves as a coworking and living space. This is where you can test new models for work-life balance, how to manage your time between work and home.

Courtesy of BoConcept

BoConcept worked with Burkhart to develop HTCE’s “micro-apartments”, small, flexible living spaces that are ‘first places’. These are for millennials who want to live, socialise, but also serve as bridges to the “fourth place”. They provide the privacy and technology necessary for hybrid living and hybrid working.

Courtesy of BoConcept