Cake aims to grab slice of food delivery market

This is a great example of how you can have your Cake and eat It. It’s sort of. It’s more about having a special Cake bike version that can be used for helping to ensure food, including cakes, is at the right temperature to eat.

Swedish electric motorbike firm Cake has developed a new temperature-controlled food delivery box add-on for its Osa e-motorbike, with the heating and cooling system powered by the same battery that powers its 10kW motor. The Osa Flex bundle with Dometic delibox starts at around PS6800.

This isn’t a new idea. Heating delivery boxes are available on electric mopeds as well as on motorbikes that have combustion engines. To provide a better service, Cake has teamed with Svenska Brasserier in Sweden and Sturehofs Matmarknad in Sweden.

Each restaurant uses trained wait staff to deliver the food. The shared concept between Cake, the restaurants includes the riders, Osa bicycles and the powered box. The service will be run by ‘s app, while Houdini will offer what is described as “functional clothes” from its’sustainable outdoor fashion brand.

Stefan Ytterborn, Cake’s boss, stated that the enormous growth in the home delivery market – estimated at PS110 billion globally – has led to rising customer expectations. This will drive restaurants to offer direct deliveries and not rely on third-party companies.

Ytterborn stated that the home delivery market is a rapidly growing global market and faces many challenges, including emission bans in cities, working conditions, and employment terms for drivers. “Our contribution is in inspiring and offering a physical platform that addresses these challenges.”

Svenska Brasserier and Sturehofs Matmarknad are both independent restaurants in Stockholm, Sweden. Sturehofs Matmarknad describes their food as a mix of French and Swedish influences and specializes in seafood and fish. Although it does offer a good selection of desserts, there aren’t any.