Best Foodie Experiences In Sussex

Although you wouldn’t expect Sussex to be a top choice for foodie destinations in the UK, it has surprising amounts to offer. You’ll find many restaurants that serve high-quality, seasonal ingredients. With such a large amount of farmland and a vast coastline, the quality meat and fish you will try is second to none. We’ve done the research to find the best foodie experiences and best places to eat in Sussex. If you are looking for somewhere to stay in Sussex , we recommend our uxury chalets.

1. The Ambrette , Rye

The Ambrette - Sussex

One of Sussex’s finest fine-dining restaurants brings together India and England. The Ambrette’s menus feature local produce, so much of it is foraged. Seaweed and samphire are straight from the coast. The crabs that have their shells on are also fresh from the coast. British and Indian flavors mix so Kentish venison could be served in a tamarind-based sauce or other unusual combinations. You can choose between a la carte and a tasting menu where you can sample several courses of Chef Dev Biswal’s cuisine.

2. Sedlescombe Organic Vineyard , Sedlescombe

Sedlescombe Organic Vineyard - Sussex

Sedlescombe was among the first to use organic and biodynamic methods in wine production. These methods, combined with the unique flavours of the south of England make for a wine that is internationally recognized. You can explore the vineyard and learn about organic grape-growing techniques. Or, you can have one of the staff guide you. All tours include lunch or afternoon tea in beautiful surroundings. Then, you will be treated to a tasting of Sedlescombe eco-friendly wines.

3. The Ginger Fox , Hassocks

The Ginger Fox - Sussex

Few dining experiences are as English as a country inn located in a charming village, and enjoying hearty pub food. The Ginger Fox near Brighton is a great place to enjoy a pub lunch. They have a lovely outdoor dining area in the beer garden, and delicious food that’s made with local ingredients. You will find delicious, hearty dishes like venison loin with wild veggies and cod with cuttlefish or puy lentils. This is a far more satisfying meal than you would get at an English pub.

4. Angel Food Kitchen, Brighton

Angel Food Kitchen - Sussex

The Great British Bake Off has made baking one of the most sought-after culinary skills in the country. Angel Food Kitchen is a great place to learn how to make delicious cakes. Angel Food Kitchen welcomes both novice bakers and seasoned ones looking to improve their baking skills. Angel Food offers scheduled workshops in niche crafts such as gingerbread houses or patisserie. They also offer private lessons that are tailored to your group and include the ability to choose the techniques you wish.

5. Little Fish Market , Hove

The Little Fish Market - Sussex

This is where to go for delicious Sussex seafood, as the name implies. The restaurant is a fishmonger, so every fish, crab, and prawn you eat has been sustainably sourced. The chef is committed to sourcing high-quality ingredients. However, the menu changes every day due to this knowledge. You can dine in a small, intimate restaurant that creates a cozy atmosphere. However, booking ahead is highly recommended.

6. Chocolate Ecstasy Tours, Brighton

Chocolate Ecstasy Tours - Sussex

Can you eat too many chocolates? On a Chocolate Ecstasy day, that question will be tested (the most likely answer to being no). This tour is unique because participants get to see all the city’s best confectionery spots as they stroll. The experience will begin with hot chocolate and continue on to sweet treats like ice cream and macarons. It’s a great way to spend a day, as it combines mouthwatering sweets and a walk around one of the UK’s most exciting and fun cities.

7. Lavant, The Earl of March

The Earl of March - Sussex

The Earl of March combines country pub cuisine with urban elegance to create a cozy yet elegant setting for a high-quality meal. The ingredients used are seasonal and local, as is the case with many other places in Sussex. What makes this place stand out is the quality of each dish. For delicate flavour combinations and perfectly prepared dishes, the chefs use truffle oil, gin & tonic, wild mushrooms, and mace.

8. Dark Star Brewery , Partridge Green

This independent brewery’s tagline is “we like beer”. The brewery’s uncomplicated passion is apparent in all areas. The factory is only open on weekends and by appointment. However, the experience gives you a personal insight into the brewing process. You can sample some of the beers before you buy them.

9. Jeremy’s Restaurant – Haywards Heath

Jeremy's Restaurant - Sussex

Jeremy’s Restaurant is passionate about its connection with nature. This is evident in the dining room that overlooks a beautiful Victorian walled garden in Borde Hill. The landscape inspires the cuisine, but this passion is evident in the menu. Brightly colored dishes, filled with flowers and root vegetable juices, reflect the natural origins each deliciously sourced ingredient.