Adjaye Associates Unveils Design for Ghana’s District Hospitals

Adjaye Associates was commissioned to design district hospitals as part of the Agenda 111 initiative of the Ghana Government. Ghana’s major healthcare vision will include 111 Hospitals, including 101 District Hospitals and 2 Psychiatric Hospitals. 7 Regional Hospitals will also be included, as well as the Redevelopment of Accra Psychiatric Hospital.

The ambitious project is being managed by the Hospital Infrastructure Group (HIG) for the Ghana Government. According to President Nana Akufo–Addo, it will “lead to Ghana becoming a centre of medical excellence and a destination of medical tourism”. The District Hospitals aim to provide access to healthcare facilities across the country. Adjaye Associates is leading the transformation of Ghana’s healthcare system. Their design concept, which “combines 21st century technology with a contextual approach and holistic approach essential to providing state-of-the art healthcare,” is what Adjaye Associates has created.Courtesy Adjaye Associates

The design scheme is designed to see the hospital as more that just a place to provide medical services. It aims to unleash the potential of the ambitious initiative by repositioning it as a piece community infrastructure that embraces sustainability, efficiency and generously provides green spaces for healing and wellness. — David Adjaye

Each hospital facility is designed as a single-story campus supported by other structures. This allows for the next generation of healthcare experiences. This program includes Patient Reception & Processing as well as Administration, Pharmacy, Labs / Diagnostics and OPD. Physiotherapy, Public Health and A&E are all included. The roofs of the buildings can be distinguished by their butterfly or gable designs. This depends on whether the function requires maximum natural light and cross ventilation, or a controlled environment like surgery rooms. Despite the differences in their roof structures, both types capture rainwater and provide an insulated shell that minimizes heat gain.

Courtesy of Adjaye Associates
Courtesy Adjaye Associates

Our design was inspired by the Adinkra symbols’ centuries-old wisdom. We took inspiration from Denkyem, a symbol of a Crocodile, which is a creature that can thrive on both water and air. It is renowned for its intelligence and adaptability. Adjaye Associates.

Courtesy of Adjaye Associates
Courtesy Adjaye Associates

The project can be easily reproduced quickly and efficiently using smart strategies and ecologically-responsive systems. The building’s form is a wayfinding tool with a clearly defined entrance and canopied entry. The building actually branches from a central spine, which is activated by a central park and a series nature-filled public spaces. These “punctuate” the plan and provide a crucial atmosphere for healing patients.

Courtesy of Adjaye Associates
Courtesy Adjaye Associates
  • Architect:Adjaye Associates
  • Design Coordinator:Sutherland & Sutherland Architects
  • Biomed:Titan Biomedical Engineering
  • ContractorVariable
  • Electrician:Global Engineering & Technology
  • Kitchen Consultant:Smollensky’s
  • Consultant for Hospitals:Ministry of Health
  • Landscape:Brix Landscaping
  • Mechanical EngineerGlobal Engineering & Technology
  • QS:CC&M Consult Ltd.
  • SignageMainline
  • The Structural and Mechanical Engineer:CSEng