15 Best Things to Do in Rathdrum

Rathdrum, located in the northern Coeur d’Alene Metropolitan Area is a small town against the backdrop Selkirk Mountains.

One peak just outside Rathdrum has the same name and elevation as the city, with a maximum height of over 5,000 feet. You can hike in the unspoiled coniferous forest up to a large part of Rathdrum Mountain.

Rathdrum, located on the plain, has many great amenities. There are well-kept parks and a links-style course of golf. The wonderful Hauser Lake is also nearby.

It is also close to Coeur d’Alene, which makes it easy for visitors to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities and stunning natural scenery.

1. City Park

Rathdrum City Park

The star of Rathdrum’s park system lies just off State Highway 53 along the banks a creek.

The pedestrian bridge crosses the river, and there are verdant grassy areas on both sides sprinkled with mature deciduous and coniferous trees.

You could take a picnic and enjoy an hour in the shade of these beautiful old trees on a sunny day, whether it’s spring or summer.

The stream’s clear, shallow water is a great place to paddle with children. City Park has a large pavilion, a gazebo, and a playground. There are also horseshoe pits, restrooms, and a toilet.

2. Rathdrum Mountain

Rathdrum Mountain

The city’s nameake mountain, located on Rathdrum’s northwest side, is a dominant presence that straddles Canada’s border.

Rathdrum Mountain, surrounded by beautiful coniferous forests, is a popular spot for outdoor pursuits. It is also open to the public during daylight hours.

This area is home to almost 550 acres, including a disc golf course of 9 holes and a growing number of trails.

A six-mile loop on an old log trail with a steep elevation gain of over 1,000 feet is the most popular. You may see elk and deer along with wild turkeys, bobcats, and maybe even a bobcat if you keep your distance.

You’ll find the trail surrounded by giant cedars or ponderosas. But every once in a while, you’ll get a spectacular view of the range.

3. Rathdrum Farmers’ Market

Farmers Market

A small, but vibrant farmers’ market is held in City Park on the 2nd and fourth Saturdays of each month, from May through August.

This site was founded in 2009 and provides fresh, garden-fresh produce directly from the grower. It also offers handmade crafts and arts from the Rathdrum community.

You’ll also find seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as jams, honey and bread, and other gift ideas.

There will likely be fresh food and entertainment, as well as fun activities for children.

4. St. Stanislaus Kostka Mission

St. Stanislaus Kostka Mission

This elegant, 19-year-old Catholic church is a monument worth visiting in Rathdrum. It is the oldest Catholic church built in brick in the state.

St. Stanislaus, which is Gothic Revival in style, has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) since 1977.

It is a strong anchor in the community and hosts the popular Polish Fall Festival each November.

You can see the exquisite wooden pews and statuary inside, as well as the stunning altarpiece (1901), which depicts St. Stanislaus kneeling in front of Mary with Jesus.

The facade can be seen only from the outside, but you should also see the small multifoil windows above the portal and the whitewashed wooden segments at the tower.

5. Majestic Park

Majestic Park

Majestic Park, Rathdrum’s latest park, is located in open countryside just beyond the city’s southeast outskirts.

It is also appropriate because you can see mountains in every direction from this spot on the prairie. Selkirk Mountains rise behind the city to northwest.

Majestic Park has a lot more than just beautiful scenery. It also boasts a splash pad that is popular with families with young children. The splash pad is open from Memorial Day through the end of September.

A climbing wall, softball fields, swing set, and a pathway paved by newly planted trees complete the package.

6. Silverwood Theme Park

Silverwood Theme Park

The largest amusement park is located in the Pacific Northwest, just a stone’s throw away from Rathdrum. Silverwood Theme Park, a sprawling attraction spread over 400 acres, offers a wide range of rides and shows for all ages.

These include high-tech thrill rides that break records for top speeds, inversions like Stunt Pilot and Aftershock, as well bumper cars, carousels and spinners such as bumper cars, carousels and spinners.

The park is surrounded by a charming narrow gauge railway that runs through it. Silverwood admission also includes Boulder Beach Water Park with its many slides and play area for younger children, as well as two large wave pools.

7. Links Golf Club


The 18-hole course is located just five minutes from downtown Rathdrum and boasts stunning mountain views.

This course is true to its name. It features links in a Scottish style. The course follows the natural contours and features of the terrain. It also has deep bunkers that can be a challenge and strong winds to contend with.

The fairways and tees are in excellent condition and the bent-grass greens are quick. You will find power carts, a driving range, and a beverage cart. The Links Restaurant & Bar has a beautiful patio that you can finish your round with.

8. Hauser Lake Park

Hauser Lake Park

A mid-sized lake surrounded by stunning mountain scenery is located just ten minutes from downtown Rathdrum on the Idaho-Washington border.

A lovely swimming beach is located on the south shore. The area is surrounded by a small, grassy park with a few trees and wooden docks on three sides.

This platform is a favorite for kids to jump into the water. Fisherman also drop a line to catch bluegill, perch, and bass.

There are also restrooms, running water, and a playground. A boat launch is located right next to the beach.

9. Lake Coeur d’Alene

Lake Coeur d'Alene

The northern shore of a huge glacial lake is located approximately ten miles southeast of Rathdrum, and it is trapped by pine-covered mountainsides. This is the charming resort town of the same name, located right on the water.

Downtown is a thriving area of buildings dating back to the 20th Century. There are cute gift shops, cafes, and outdoor dining options.

It is the perfect spot for water sports, cruises, hiking along the shore, and other action-packed activities such as zip-lining.

You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery at your leisure in public spaces along the lakefront like Tubbs Hill and City Park. You can also visit the quieter areas east of the city for bald eagles if you are visiting the area during winter.

10. North Idaho Centennial Trail

North Idaho Centennial Trail

The Spokane River drains Lake Coeur d’Alene and flows west for 111 mi to Lake Roosevelt in Washington, where it joins the Columbia River.

A 24-mile multi-use trail that runs from Higgens Point, on the eastern shores of Lake Coeur d’Alene, to the Idaho-Washington border connects the north bank of Idaho’s state line with the Idaho side. It is fully accessible.

The trail winds through beautiful parks along the riverbank or lakefront. It was built in stages over the 1990s.

You can also continue your cycling or hiking trip on the Spokane River Centennial Trail if you feel energetic. It starts at the Washington state line and goes for 37 more miles into Washington.

11. Bird Aviation Museum and Invention Center

Bird Aviation Museum and Invention Center

Pappy Boyington Field is located ten minutes southeast of Rathdrum. In one of the hangars, you will find a fascinating museum that honors the Idaho inventor Forrest Bird (1921-2015).

Bird was an aviator since a young age. He made significant contributions to the medical profession by using his knowledge about aircraft oxygen regulators to create more efficient respirators in the post-war years.

Bird Aviation Museum and Invention Center focuses on these innovations and also showcases a rotating line-up of aircraft from Bird’s private collection.

These include a 1968 Bell 47 and a 1947 Republic RC-7, a 1967 Alon A-2, and a North American AT-6 to name a few.

12. Buck Knives

Buck Knives

Post Falls is just 15 minutes from the headquarters of a knife manufacturer with a worldwide reputation. Buck Knives was established in San Diego in 1902 and moved to Post Falls in 2005.

The brand has dominated the folding hunting knife market so well, people refer to it as “Buck Knife”, just like they might use “Hoover” to describe a vacuum cleaner.

For a 45-minute tour of the factory, you can learn about the history of this company, the story behind the Model 110 Folding Hunter (1964), and how each knife was made.

13. Stub Myers Park

Picnic In The Park

Rathdrum’s second largest park, located just south of downtown and surrounded by tall softwood trees is just under ten acres.

Stub Myers Park features large grassy areas that are kept lush by an automatic irrigation system. It is also equipped with benches and picnic tables.

A playground is available for children, as well as a basketball court and four softball/baseball fields. There are also horseshoe pits and other amenities such barbecues, picnic shelters, accessible toilets, and concession stands.

14. Falls Park

The Dam at Falls Park

This riverfront park is located in Post Falls, and it’s worth a visit if you are in the area during spring. This is a place that was integral to the growth of the area in the 19th century.

The dam was originally built by Frederick Post in 1870s to power a lumber mill. It was later converted to a hydroelectric facility in early 1900s to provide power for mines up to 100 miles distant.

The water surges over the falls when the snow melts between March and April.

It is also stunning, with a canyon just a few steps downstream. Wandering Falls Park offers historical interpretive signs as well as a quiet little pond that is within earshot.

15. Rathdrum Days

Rathdrum Days

This two-day event is a highlight of summer in Rathdrum. It usually takes place on the third weekend in July.

Rathdrum Days is a vibrant celebration that offers a variety of spectacles and activities. A beer garden and dance on Friday night, car shows and a strongman contest are just some of the many attractions. There’s also a parade down Main Street.

They are accompanied with a variety of vendor booths as well as a main stage that provides live entertainment such live music, magicians, and comedy.