15 Best Things to Do in Lodi

Lodi, a town of 67,000 residents, is located in San Joaquin County’s Central Valley. Lodi is well-known as the birthplace for A&W Root Beer and one of the fastest growing wine regions in the country.

Lodi is home to many restaurants, wineries and vineyards. There are also cultural attractions and shopping areas like Lakewood Plaza, The Vineyard Shopping Center and Sunwest Plaza.

Many of the city’s attractions can be found in the historic downtown district, with its tree-lined streets.

Lodi is known for its beautiful back roads and the stunning fall foliage.

Lodi hosts many festivals and events throughout the year.

Here are 15 top things to do around Lodi in California.

1. Learn about Local History at the San Joaquin County Historical Society & Museum

San Joaquin County Historical Society & Museum

Lodi, as well as the entire county San Joaquin, have a rich history. The San Joaquin County Historical Society Museum teaches you about this history and shows you how it was to live there in the past.

There are eight exhibits buildings as well as four historic buildings on the property. It is easy to see the dedication of the society to preserving and sharing the city’s culture and history.

The Charles Weber Cottage was built in 1847. It is where you can see how pioneers lived during the middle of 1800s.

Calaveras School, a one-room schoolhouse constructed in 1866, is known as the Calaveras School. It gives a true picture of school life in those days.

The blacksmith shop was built in 1880 and is still in use today.

Many artifacts are housed in the exhibition buildings. The Critter Corral is also open during the week, so that children can see the farm animals.

2. Lodi Lake Park – Kick Back

Lodi Lake Park

It’s not possible to find nature in the middle a city, but who says? Lodi lake park is the perfect escape from the urban environment without having to leave the city. The park is located in central Lodi. Its main feature is the lake. There are other activities that can be done besides being on the lake.

The lake is stunning with its clear, blue waters. There are many water sports available, such as jet-skiing and fishing. You can also swim at the sandy beach.

Kayaks can be rented and instruction sessions are also available. You can also take a boat trip on the Mokelumne River.

Picnic areas and a play area for children are also available on the site. Guided nature programs and hiking are also offered in the park.

3. Gourmet cuisine at Towne House Restaurant at Wine & Roses

The Towne House Restaurant

The Towne House Restaurant is located in the Wine & Rose Hotel and offers diners an extraordinary experience.

The restaurant is known for its American-inspired gourmet dishes. Every dish is a unique creation that uses only the best, highest-quality ingredients from local sources.

You can order brunch, lunch, or dinner. There are many options, such as appetizers and main dishes like Cavatelli pasta, citrus herb marinated salmon, and roast Coleman pork chop. You can also enjoy patio dining and a variety of specialty desserts.

The Towne House Lounge hosts live entertainment every evening. The Towne House Lounge is a cozy place where you can relax and enjoy good music, a glass wine or a specialty cocktail.

4. Enjoy a Day on Micke Grove Golf Links’ Greens

Micke Grove Golf Links

Micke Grove Golf Links, located in a natural setting surrounded by vineyards is one of the best public courses in the area. The 18-hole, par 72 course offers a variety of challenges including 42 sand bunkers, eight lakes, and many other hazards.

There is also a driving range and putting course on site. Lessons are also available.

5. Check out the Lodi Certified Farmers Market

Farmers' Market

Lodi Certified Farmers’ Market has been a weekly fixture in downtown. Fresh, local produce is the most popular, with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Olive oil, flowers and speciality cheese are just a few of the other products you will find at this vibrant market.

You’ll find food trucks at the market often, and you can hear local bands performing live music as you shop the market.

6. The World of Wonders Science Museum teaches you about science

World of Wonders Science Museum

The World of Wonders Science Museum is primarily geared towards children but the entire family can enjoy learning about science through interactive exhibits.

The museum is located in downtown Lodi and has an expert staff to assist visitors with their navigation. You’ll be able to solve puzzles and conduct experiments as you move through the museum.

The Moon Walking Exhibit and Newton’s Cradle are just a few of the many themed exhibits that can be found on site.

7. Lodi Wine Country is available at the Lodi Wine and Visitor Center

Lodi Wine and Visitor Center

Lodi is a wine region that grows quickly. It can be difficult to choose which wineries or vineyards to visit among the many.

The Lodi Wine and Visitor Center will teach you everything about wine in the area, including where they are located and what they offer.

Are you just passing through and don’t have the time to visit many sites? The lovely tasting room allows you to taste a wide range of wines made by hundreds of local winemakers.

You can also visit a demonstration vineyard to learn more about grape-growing.

8. The Serpentarium: Meet live reptiles


The Serpentarium Lodi is a popular destination for all ages. The museum has the largest collection of reptiles in the area. You can even meet these living reptiles during your visit.

You’ll see snakes such as anacondas, cobras and pythons during your trip. You’ll also see amphibians like frogs and lizards.

You can also hold a 12-foot Python, feed a water monitor and handle a Tarantula at the museum.

9. Double Dip Gallery offers Ice Cream and Art.

Double Dip Gallery

Double Dip Gallery will satisfy your cravings for ice cream while also satisfying your curiosity in local art.

Lodi’s chic and original ice cream shop is now an art gallery.

Local artists are featured in the gallery. There are many cold treats available, such as ice cream, milkshakes, and red wine sorbet.

10. Enjoy a live performance at the Hutchins Street Square Performing Arts Theatre

Hutchins Street Square Performing Arts Theatre

Lodi’s Hutchins Square Performing Arts Theatre is a large theatre that also serves as a community centre. It hosts a wide range of live performances and community events throughout each year.

The stunning neoclassical architecture is what you will first notice when you arrive.

You can also attend local talent nights, orchestras, and concerts.

11. Five Window Beer Company offers local craft beer

Five Window Beer Company offers top-quality local craft beer in a relaxed lounge setting.

The brewery is family-owned and has 15 beers on tap at any one time. You can try Double Hazy Juicy IPA and Session IPA as well as Cream Ale, Sasquatch porter, Golden State Haze, and Hazy Trip.

The kitchen makes a variety of snacks and pub food, such as pizza and tacos. Many events take place throughout week, including trivia nights.

12. Enjoy a Night at Parkwest Casino

Lodi’s Parkwest Casino is a great place to spend the evening.

There are many table games available, including blackjack, poker, baccarat and Pai Gow Tiles. The on-site restaurant offers a wide range of dishes, including burgers, and tournaments are held every day.

13. Treat Yourself to a Day at Perfect Balance Day Spa

Perfect Balance Day Spa

Perfect Balance Day Spa, Lodi, has been offering a remarkable service for visitors looking for a relaxing experience for more than thirty years.

One of their most popular services is massages. There are many massage options available, including deep tissue, aroma-touch, and reflexology. You can also get manicures and pedicures.

14. Admire the Walldogs Murals

the Walldogs

Lodi’s arts scene is growing. Lodi’s art scene is growing. Not only are there galleries and museums to display local art, but murals can also be found in the downtown.

These beautiful murals were painted by The Walldogs, a group that created 11 murals to celebrate Lodi’s 100th Anniversary.

These murals portray the city’s history and culture. You can also get maps at the Downtown Lodi Visitor Center so that you can make your own self-guided tours to find these murals.

15. Visit the Micke Grove Zoo

Micke Grove Zoo

The Micke Grove Zoo has 170 animals from 51 species. These animals are both exotic and native species from around the globe.

Lemurs, squirrels and other animals can be found at the zoo.

These animals can be seen in many exhibits, such as the Tropical Rainforest Canopy or the Island Lost in Time.