15 Best Things to Do in Glendora

Glendora is also known as Pride of the Foothills and is home to approximately 51,000 people. It’s located in the San Gabriel Valley region of Los Angeles County. It is located in the San Gabriel Mountains, which gives it its nickname.

Glendora is well-known for its year-round beautiful weather and central location that allows easy access to downtown Los Angeles, the Pacific Coast’s world-class beaches, and its vibrant downtown district.

Glendora has many parks, hiking trails and cultural venues. There are also restaurants, cafes, shops, and other amenities. These include Glendora Marketplace Shopping Center and Glendora Village Gateway.

Glendora hosts a variety of events and festivals throughout the year. These include the Glendora Annual Chalk Fest and the Earth Festival, Heritage Festival, and Gumby Annual Festival.

Here are 15 things you should do in Glendora and surrounding areas, California.

1. Glendora Historical Society and Museum: Learn about Local History

Glendora Historical Society and Museum

Glendora Historical Society and Museum

Glendora Historical Society aims to preserve, preserve, and exhibit Glendora’s history in the museum it oversees.

This museum features exhibits that showcase many items from the 1800s through the mid-1900s. Some of the exhibits include old photos, documents, and artifacts such as period furniture, farm tools, office equipment, and attire.

Many of the objects in the museum were donated over the years by local residents. There is also a gift shop that sells souvenirs and books.

2. Galster Wilderness Park – Spend a day outdoors



Galster Wilderness Park is located in West Covina and offers everything you need to spend a day outdoors.

This 42-acre area is home to nature trails that are suitable for biking and hiking. There are also wide open spaces and shaded areas beneath trees, which are great for picnics or just relaxing in the fresh air.

You’ll find some of the most beautiful scenery in the area as you walk through the park. A museum and educational center are also available for visitors to learn more about the park, and its surroundings.

Volunteers are available to give information to visitors about local wildlife, minerals, and fossils on certain days of each month.

3. Golf Course Glen Oaks: Tee off



Glen Oaks Golf Course is Glendora’s most popular course for quick games of golf since 1965. A driving range is available and clubs can be rented at the 9-hole par-3 course.

Wally’s Grill is a great place to relax after a game. They offer delicious food, including burgers and other traditional favorites.

4. Follow Your Baseball Dreams to Big League Dreams



Big League Dreams is an excellent place to visit if you’re a baseball fan. Nearby West Covina hosts a themed park that features replicas from some of America’s most famous baseball parks.

You can also walk around replicas of Wrigley Park, Fenway Park, and Yankee Stadium.

This facility hosts softball, baseball and soccer games from time to time. The Stadium Club Restaurant overlooks replicas and offers a variety of meals, including sandwiches and burgers.

5. Frisella’s Roastery offers delicious classic fare

BBQ Ribs

BBQ Ribs

Frisella’s Roastery has been serving classic meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner since its inception.

Diners love ribs and roast chicken, but there are many other options, including soups, appetizers, and salads.

You can choose from a variety of delicious dinner entrees, including beef brisket, pork sparerib dinner, and roast chicken dinner. You can also enjoy a full bar.

6. Tilt 267: A Blast from the Past



Tilt 267, located in West Covina, is a great place to spend time if you are looking for something to do when it rains or to escape the heat.

The arcade has a mix between old and new games, but the older games are worth a visit, especially if your family was around when videogames first became popular.

You’ll find racing games, redemptions games where prizes can be won, stacker games, and even air hockey on the site.

7. Stay Active in Finkbiner Park



It can be difficult to keep up a healthy routine while you are away from your home. Finkbiner Park offers a variety of facilities that will help you stay fit and get some fresh air.

You’ll find two tennis courts, four ball diamonds, a basketball court and a volleyball court on the site. There is also a walking path and equipment for exercise.

The park also features picnic tables, horseshoe pits, and a playground. There are also restrooms.

8. Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum

Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum
Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum

The Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum is a great place to spend an afternoon, regardless of whether you are interested in cars or racing.

You’ll find artifacts, memorabilia and other items related to American culture and the automobile industry. You can also take a tour to learn more about the exhibits and racing.

The museum hosts many events throughout the year, including lectures and seminars.

9. Explore the Arcadia Wilderness Park

Hiking Trails

Hiking Trails

The Arcadia Wilderness Park, located just outside West Covina is a popular spot for those who want to get away from the city for a while.

The nature center is an excellent place to start, as it is where you can find out everything about the area.

You will find many species of plants in the park, as well as wildlife, when you hike through them. You can also relax and have a picnic in the park’s wide open grassy areas.

10. See the Architectural Wonders of Rubel Castle

Rubel Castle
Rubel Castle

Rubel Castle took 26 years to construct and is a historical and architectural masterpiece unlike any other in the region or country.

The castle began as a dream, but it became a reality. Michael Rubel built the castle with some friends using recycled materials, including scrap metal, bottles, and any other material he could find.

People from all walks of the globe visit this site today to learn more about its history and view the different parts, including the Bottle House and Santa Fe Caboose, Clock Tower, and Dungeon. With advance notice, guided tours can be arranged.

11. Raging Waters Los Angeles is the best place to beat the heat

Raging Waters, San Dimas

Raging Waters, San Dimas

Raging Waters Los Angeles is the largest waterpark in California and the best place to be in Glendora on hot days.

Over 50 acres of attractions are available for visitors of all ages. The site also features several water slides, Wave Cove, and lazy river.

There are many places to eat, so you will find almost anything you need, including pizza and ice cream.

12. The Pacific Railroad Museum has information about railroad history and trails

Pacific Railroad Museum, San Dimas
Pacific Railroad Museum

In the former depot building, which was renovated to look like an actual railroad station, is located the Pacific Railroad Museum.

You’ll discover more about railroads, rail travel, and industry history as you look through the exhibits. This history is also represented in many artifacts and photos.

13. Enjoy a Spa-Day at New Vogue Spa



New Vogue Spa offers unique services that combine American and Chinese methods. This spa offers a range of rejuvenating treatments in an ambiance that is relaxing since 2012.

The spa’s staff takes great care to ensure that guests feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

This facility offers facials and body scrubs. There are many massage options available, including hot stone and essential oil massages, relaxation, and hot stones massages.

14. West Coast Cheesesteaks will satisfy your cravings



You’re missing out if you have never tried cheesesteaks before. This sandwich includes steak, cheesesteak and any fillings you choose. It sounds delicious, right? You can get one at West Coast Cheesesteaks.

Family-owned and operated, this friendly eatery only uses the finest ingredients, including fresh bread daily, homemade sauce, and high-quality beef.

You can select beef, chicken, or vegetables when placing your order. Then, top it off with your favorite sauce and veggies. Side orders are also available.

15. Take a journey to the Bridge to Nowhere on an Adventure

Bridge to Nowhere

Bridge to Nowhere

The Bridge to Nowhere, located about half an hour away from Azusa is a beautiful place to visit. The trip is great for anyone who enjoys hiking, thrill-seeking, or just watching.

The bridge was originally built in 1936 to link Wrightwood and the San Gabriel Valley. However, flooding forced the abandonment of the project.

You have the option of doing a bungee jumping with a local company upon arrival at the bridge. This service is only available on specific days.